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The purpose of the New Mexico Military Institute Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement Team is to establish and maintain supportive and livelong connections with all New Mexico Military Institute Alumni through our Monthly E-News Letters and our Semi-Yearly Sally Port Publications which serves as a strong communication and information link. Both publications are now on line and are reaching out to a larger Alumni audience.

Our frequent “Meet and Greet” Events, are being held around the country which includes over 35 major cities; our monthly conference calls are held once a month, where any Alumni can call in and hear current updates on school activities.   Our yearly Homecoming and Trail Ride’s continue to increase in attendance and participation.

Your NMMI Alumni Relations primary goal is to advance the mission of New Mexico Military Institute.

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NMMI Alumni E-Newsletter

2019 Sally Port Magazine 1st Edition

NMMI Dispatches

Alumni Events for 2019

December 2019

December 23rd - January 6th - Offices Closed

January 2020

16th - NMMI Alumni After Hours

19th - Phoenix, AZ Meet and Greet 

20th - MLK Offices Closed

25th - Las Cruces Dinner and Laughs 

February 2020

13th - NMMI After Hours

17th - President's Day Holiday - Office Closed 

March 2020

TBD -Legacy Dinner  

TBD - NMMI After Hours 5th - Tucson, AZ

6th & 7th - Phoenix, AZ Meet and Greet 

15th - Bataan Death March 

16th- 20th - Spring Break - Office Closed

27th-28th - Oklahoma City Meet and Greet 

April 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours

10th - 13th - Easter Break - Office Closed

18th - Albuquerque Rajun Cajun 

May 2020

TBD -NMMI After Hours

2nd - Kansas City Meet and Greet 

15th - 16th - NMMI Baccalaureate and Graduation Weekend 

21st-24th - NMMI Alumni Motorcycle Rally 

25th - Memorial Office Office Closed   

June 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours

5th - 8th - Dallas Meet and Greet 

16th -19th- NMMI Alumni Trail Ride Hosted by Megan Byers 2012 JC, Doug and Jennifer Byers

July 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours 

3rd - 6th - 4th of July Holiday Break Office Closed

31th - August 1st - Houston Meet and Greet 

August 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours 

13th -15th - NMMI Alumni ATV Adventure Hosted by Mark and Stacy Hendricks 1982  HS 

22nd - Ingram BBQ

September 2020

4th - 5th - Salt Lake City Meet and Greet 

7th - Labor Day Offices Closed

TBD - NMMI After Hours

18-20 - General's Cup Golf Tournament

25- 27 Parents' Weekend 

TBD- Legacy Dinner

October 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours

2nd - San Antonio Meet and Greet 

3rd - Austin Meet and Greet 

5th - Fair Parade Offices Closed 

15th - 18th - Homecoming honoring classes ending in "0"


November 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours

11th - Veteran's Day Office Closed

14th - Atlanta Meet and Greet 

23th - 27th - Thanksgiving Break Office Closed

December 2020

TBD - NMMI After Hours 

18th - Fall Commencement 

21st - 1st - Christmas Break Office Closed